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The practice of Gold pledging

  • The practice of using gold as collateral for loans or other financial transactions has existed for decades and has evolved with time.
  • While pledging gold can be a useful way to access funds quickly, many people struggle to release their pledged gold once they have repaid their debt.
  • The process can be complicated and time-consuming, involving paperwork, assessments of the gold's value, interests, and negotiations with lenders.
Which is why White Gold offers you a better-valued alternative.

How White Gold Can Help You With Your Pledged Gold?

White Gold offers a reliable solution for those looking to offload the interest burden on gold loans. We clear all interests and dues, allowing you to release your gold without hassle, and offer you the best quote to purchase the released gold, providing you with instant cash.

With a commitment to transparency and fair pricing, we offer a secure and convenient way to free your gold assets and obtain financial flexibility.


We Release & Buy Your Pledged Gold

Pledging gold or precious metal ornaments for cash is a common practice among people to fulfill financial needs.

Unfortunately! The high-interest rate makes it difficult for customers to release the pledged gold, resulting in a growing loan amount that continues to accumulate with time. 

At White Gold, we take the burden and hassle off you and release your pledged gold while offering you the best price for your gold with an instant cash option.

You sell your pledged gold with the assurance that you have cleared your gold loan and receive cash based on the current market price for your gold. 

Documents Required to Sell Your Pledged Gold

Pledge gold receipt

A valid ID proof

A valid and latest address proof

Passport Size Photo

Looking to Sell Your Pledged Gold For Instant Cash?

As one of the most trusted gold buyers in Bangalore, we help you release your gold from banks, pawnbrokers, and others swiftly.

Our competitive rates and reliable services will provide you with the best return on your gold, helping you to get the maximum amount of cash before your gold is auctioned off and you potentially lose money.

Your Nearest Branch

We are currently present in Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu with over 50 branches. Find your nearest branch to release your pledged gold for instant cash. To get the best price for your gold and enjoy fast, secure, and hassle-free transactions!

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