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How White Gold Can Help Release Your Pledged Gold? 

Is your gold loan eating your monthly savings, creating a financial strain on already persisting problems? We can help release your pledged gold with a transparent and efficient process, offering you instant cash.  All you have to do is follow the simple steps below. 

  • You can start by locating the nearest White Gold branch. You can find us on Google or simply visit here
  • Gather the necessary documents along with the pledge gold certificate. 
  • Please carry your government-issued photo ID for seamless transactions. 
  • At the White Gold branch, our professional will assist you in KYC verification & analyze the documents produced. 
  • You will be walked through the process, and to keep it completely transparent, we will showcase the current gold price and how your gold loan will be released. 
  • Once we have completed the KYC & locked in the gold price, you will be asked to read through and sign a term sheet; on successful completion of this, our representative will accompany you to clear your gold loan. 
  • Once White Gold has cleared your gold loan, we return to the branch to check the purity of your gold utilizing our high-tech German machines, which offer the accurate value for your jewellery. 
  • Once we have completed the above checklists successfully, we will immediately transfer the promised amount to your bank account. 
  • With White Gold, the whole gold loan release process will be completed within one day with no hassle.