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Sell Your Gold The Smart Way With White Gold

written by
Kishen Muralidharan

March 29, 2023

5min read


Are you sitting on a stash of gold jewellery you never wear? If the answer is yes, you may be wondering if you can get better returns by selling it. That’s where we come in. With White Gold, you can sell gold the smart way and get the most money for your unwanted gold. Here’s how to sell your gold the smart way with White Gold.

Find Our Branch:

The first step in selling your gold to White Gold is to find a branch near you. White Gold has 50 branches across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, making it easy for you to find one close to your location. You can find a list of White Gold branches on our website or by contacting their customer support team.

Carry Your ID Proof:
When you visit a White Gold branch to sell gold, make sure to carry your ID proof and local address proof with you. This could be your Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, or any other government-issued ID proof. White Gold requires this as part of the KYC (know your customer) process, which is a legal requirement for all gold buyers in India.

Check Gold Purity:
Our gold purity check is 100% transparent and advanced. Our premium testing kit is Tamper Proof, using state-of-the-art German Machines, certified for highly Accurate Valuation. With total trust in our results, each and every check is conducted with full reliability and precision.

Check Gold Rate:
Depending on the state of the market, the price of gold changes every day. Before selling your gold, it’s important to check the current gold rate. You can check the gold rate on White Gold’s website or on any financial news website. White Gold offers a transparent and fair valuation process, and we update our gold rates regularly as per the current market valuation to ensure that customers get the best price for their gold.

KYC Verification:
Once you arrive at a White Gold branch, you’ll be asked to complete the KYC verification process. This involves providing your ID proof and filling out a few forms. White Gold takes customer privacy and security seriously, so you can rest assured that your personal information will be kept confidential. Additionally, as a fraud and safety feature, a verification phone call to your family will be made, which is mandatory.

Instant Payment:
After your gold has been verified and valued, you’ll receive instant payment from White Gold. We deposit the cash into your bank account for your security. Before departing from our branch, you can verify the money transfer.

Earn a Bonus:

Make your White Gold experience even more rewarding! Get a bonus for carrying the original purchase bill of your gold. Enjoy hassle-free convenience and great value with White Gold.

In conclusion, selling your gold to White Gold is the smart way to get the best value for your gold. We offer a transparent and fair valuation process, instant payment, and a bonus. By following these simple steps, you can sell gold with ease and confidence, knowing that you’re getting the best price for your precious metal.

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