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How Selling Your Gold to Authorized Gold Buyers Will Help You Make Profit

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Zalaluddin Muvad Gooty

May 24, 2024

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The most valuable asset is gold, which holds enduring value and is a popular choice for inventors and individuals. People looking to sell gold have various reasons; however, finding the right gold buyers can be quite challenging, which leads to getting trapped. If you’re looking to sell your gold jewelry, coins, or related articles, consider choosing White Gold for a seamless gold selling experience.

Key factors that influence the value of gold 

Before selling the gold, it is important to understand its value. Factors such as purity, weight, and related considerations all contribute to determining its worth. This will help you gain clarity and make better decisions when selling your gold. 

  • Purity: The purity of your gold is determined by the karats. The higher your karats are, purer your gold is, which in turn increases its value.
  • Weight: The amount of gold you have, measured in grams or ounces, determines its value as well. 
  • Market Price: Many factors like supply and demand, inflation, and geopolitical conditions can affect the gold value. Make sure it does not affect your gold value.
  • Market Demand: The fluctuations in US dollar can create a difference in gold’s current value, make sure the gold price is highly valued.
  • Buyer’s limits: Gold buyers set a basic margin while buying your gold to meet their criteria. Ensure you know the buyer to avoid scams before selling your gold. 

Common scams to avoid while selecting an authorized gold dealers

  • Early payment scam: Buyers usually ask you to pay a certain amount earlier before selling the gold as a procedure, which should be completely avoided.
  • Unlicensed gold buyers: Avoid going to gold buyers who will own shops without having a proper license or authorization issued by the government, which would create legal problems. 
  • Inaccurate valuation: A common scam where certain gold buyers used to undervalue your antique by giving you a minimal amount.
  • Weight Manipulation: Buyers usually tamper with weighing scales to minimize the weight of the gold by paying you an undervalued amount.
  • Fake Advertisement:  Avoid believing in online ads with high payouts for your gold jewelry, coins, or antiques. These often turn out to be scams. 

Sell your gold safely with an  authorized gold dealers: White Gold

  • Professional team: At WhiteGold, our team is well equipped with extensive experience in gold buying by offering high quality and secure services to all our customers.
  • Technology-Driven Approach: Being at the forefront of innovation, we obtain advanced technology to value the gold and ensure transparency.
  • Extensive Branch Network: We have a diverse branch network for the accessibility and convenience of all our customers across regions.
  • Efficient complaint resolution: Implemented efficient grievance system for all our customer complaints to provide maximum satisfaction and meet their needs.
  • Real time gold rate: Staying informed with the live gold rate to offer price to ensure trust among all our customers.

Make a Hassle-free gold sale with WhiteGold

Looking to sell gold for the right value? Get started with White Gold, one of a trusted and  authorized gold dealers. Visit our nearby branch for a transparent valuation process, operating with openness and ensuring the best value for your gold.

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